Achieve your digital transformation goals by embedding a digital culture and mindset.

Our learning content and technology will ensure everyone in your organisation understands digital design, data and technology so you can improve your services and increase efficiency.

How you can make digital culture change happen

Our digital capability model sets out how organisations can adopt a digital mindset and culture at scale.

We combine tailored learning experiences to small, influential groups of people with a general foundational level of understanding across the organisation through e-learning.

This provides top-down inspiration and bottom-up delivery and motivation, creating a cycle of sustainable change.

What we do


Designed specifically for local public services, our e-learning content is fun, engaging and flexible. It makes all your people digitally confident!


We run regular online classes on specific topics like digital strategy, agile, product management, user centred design and much more.


Sometimes learning needs an in person kick off. We have a range of workshops to do that for you, or we can design one bespoke to your needs!


Coaching can provide the perfect balance of sharing within a group you trust, with individual work on the things that matter most to you.


Our e-learning content can be made available through your corporate learning management system, if you have one – or you can use our shared online learning community at no extra cost when you subscribe.

Alternatively, we can spin your up your own learning community, all supported by us, to give you total control.

Hello! I’m Dave, and Digicademy is my idea.

I’ve been working in digital and technology within local public services for over 15 years now. I’ve worked in senior positions in a number of local authorities, delivering innovative strategies and programmes that have won awards and made a real difference to people’s lives.

What I’ve noticed is that there’s a lot of inconsistency around people’s understanding of key concepts in digital design, data and technology. I figured that what was needed was dedicated learning solutions for the sector that teaches people what they really need to know to be digitally confident.

Only when the knowledge about digital is available to everyone can the opportunity it presents be realised. The way Digicademy has been designed by the team and me makes this possible for the first time.

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