Catalyse your culture shift with in-person workshops.

We truly believe in the power of online learning. We also appreciate that sometimes meeting in person works best to get started and build trust. We have three workshops ready to roll, or can tailor something just for you.


The in-person version of our online essentials course, this session will give learners a thorough grounding in everything digital design, data and technology.


The role of leaders in supporting and enabling digital transformation cannot be underestimated. This workshop will show your leaders the way.

Digital in a day

Immerse your team in a practical session running through the whole digital lifecycle to prototype and test digital solutions to real world problems.

What our workshops involve

Our three pre-prepared workshops are ready to go for groups of your learners. They are all highly interactive, with lots of opportunities to experience and reflect on digital ways of thinking and doing.

Here’s some information that might be useful:

  • Each takes a full day (10am-4pm usually)
  • We can support up to 40 learners for Essentials and Leadership.
  • Digital in a Day is harder to run with that many – 20 is probably the maximum.
  • We’ll expect you to provide us with a room that has a screen we can connect to
  • You’ll get some pre- and post-workshop materials to share with all your learners
  • We’ll also provide follow up activities to run with attendees so they can embed their learning

If you have specific needs, talk to us about them, as we will probably be able to design something just for you!