Digicademy takes embedding digital culture and skills seriously.
We’ve found a way to make it work.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all approaches and understand that different groups of people have different roles to play in good digital work. So we match the need to the learning method, and you can pick and choose which bits you need our help with!

Our Inspire-deliver model for digital learning

Our model sets out how local public service organisations can embed digital-age culture and skills across their workforce, using a blend of approaches appropriate to the size of groups involved, and the nature of the learning.

Our model provides individual learning to individuals and small groups at the top of the organisation who can inspire their teams. We couple this with scalable e-learning for the majority means they will be in a place to support effective digital delivery. In the middle, we can work with your teams to help them get used to the practice of working in these new ways with our in person workshops; and online classes to support those learning specialist skills in depth.

The four methods of learning delivery apply to different group sizes, from the individual nature of coaching, all the way to whole organisation-scale with e-learning. In between come the face to face workshops – ideal for teams and cohorts of people up to around 20 – and online classes – which suit the same sorts of numbers but can be run more regularly.

The types of learning at the top of the triangle are more suited to those in leadership positions, whether corporately or within the digital and technology function. By providing them with the understanding of what digital design, data and technology can do for them,