Our online learning content will help everyone in your organisation get more digitally confident.

Written specifically for local public services, based on over 15 years in the field, our content covers what people really need to know about digital design, data and technology.


We understand local public services and all our content is rooted in our experience, making it instantly effective.


Lessons have content in video, audio and text. Along with our community, that makes a great learning experience.


We check in to see how learners are getting on through regular quizzes and certification – plus we measure impact.

Digital essentials

Digital essentials is our launch course. It’s pitched at anyone working in local public services, no matter what their role. By the end of the course, they will be confident in their understanding of how digital design, data and technology can improve their organisations.

It covers:

  • Being digital
  • User centred service design
  • Agile delivery
  • Data
  • Technology

Upcoming courses

As part of the content subscription, we will also be adding e-learning courses to our catalogue on

  • Digital leadership
  • Accessibility
  • Information security

As soon as they are complete, they will be made available to all your learners.


You can either make use of our shared learning community, and host your courses on a platform used by many of our customers, making the most of shared knowledge and making new connections.

Or you can host the content on your own learning management system. We’ll provide you with all the videos, audio, files, resources and quizzes, and your team can put it all together.

Whichever option you choose, it’s the same simple price.