We love digital, and we love local public services. We’re also quite partial to learning.

We bring our passion and creativity to bear on everything we do. Whether that’s building great products, helping customers to use them well, or making sure everyone knows about us.

Meet the team



I’ve been working in local government digital for well over a decade. I put that experience into designing and building the learning experiences that make up Digicademy.


Customer success

Helping customers has been something of a mission for me throughout my career, and I love working with Digicademy’s community to help them get the most from what we do.


Business development

I take time out of my hectic schedule organising fantastic events for public sector digital people to spread the word about Digicademy – both in yurts and not.



I’m an art and design student, helping to make things look prettier at Digicademy. You can call me Fish if we get to speak, which I’m pretty certain will never happen.



I love creating fun, helpful content to tell the Digicademy story. I also have a first class degree in law & criminology, which may come in handy if things really go pear-shaped.


Good boy

Some people call me the fox-red nightmare, but I’m on a mission to become the goodest of boys. I support Digicademy through licking, chewing, and sitting on things. Mlem.


Mary McKenna

I’m a technology entrepreneur, serial angel investor and cross-border dweller. I co-founded successful Derry based online learning company Learning Pool in 2006, exiting the company in 2014 in order to work with early stage startups.

I’m interested in helping start & grow indigenous Irish & British tech companies and especially in working with first time and female entrepreneurs. I’m one of Said Business School’s Entrepreneurship Experts, an Expert Advisor to the EU, a co-founder of AwakenHub and a trustee of the Centre for Acceleration of Social Technology.

I have known Dave for a long time, and we haven’t fallen out yet – even when he worked for me at Learning Pool!

Steph Gray

Following a career in government communications, I spent a decade growing Helpful Digital, a digital build and skills agency focussed on the government and policy sectors.

Alongside that, I founded and shaped Social Simulator, a product-based business in the field of crisis management training, which works with major companies, charities and government agencies around the world. I’ve travelled the journey from freelancer through to a successful exit. I’m still passionate about running and growing a business with soul and compassion as well as financial success.

I’ve been trading ideas and insults with Dave for years, and so am reasonably happy to help out with Digicademy.